Value-added: back to a future made in Australia’s mines

15 May

The next era of prosperity is the centrepiece of a “future made in Australia” budget that seeks to get more value out of critical commodities. Tax breaks for the critical minerals sector are part of the “growth agenda” announced by Treasurer...[Read More]

Ratings agency responds to ‘dramatic’ budget turnaround

15 May

Australia’s commodity windfalls are masking growth in spending and new budgetary measures could be “mildly inflationary,” major ratings agency S&P says. S&P Global Ratings, which has had a AAA rating on Australia since February 2003, noted a...[Read More]

Harmonising Life: Ten Tips for Achieving Mindful Work-Life Balance

9 May

Work-life balance is a highly personal and continuously evolving quest. It’s about managing your professional and personal lives in a way that minimizes stress and maximises well-being.    This balance isn’t one-size-fits-all; what works for...[Read More]

Ambitious plan for Aussie kids needs action: advocates

8 May

Well-being advocates have called for ambitious action on early child development after the government adopted a 10-year strategy that leaves concrete changes to later. Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth and Early Childhood Education Minister...[Read More]

Women needed in medical research to prevent gender bias

8 May

More women are urgently needed as medical researchers to reverse a bias in clinical trials which often excludes female patients, a leading academic warns. Medical research is still a men’s game, despite the fact almost half the country’s doctors...[Read More]

Strategies for conflict resolution and motivation in the workplace and beyond

2 May

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the art of communication often gets diluted in a sea of emails, text messages, and online postings.    While these methods provide convenience and efficiency, they can sometimes lack the personal touch and...[Read More]

Quantum computing bid receives billion-dollar boost

1 May

One of the world’s most powerful quantum computers will be made in Australia as the federal and Queensland governments set aside nearly $1 billion for the venture. The investment in tech company PsiQuantum is part of the government’s...[Read More]

Financial help for uni students on placement floated

25 April

Financial help might be offered to university students completing unpaid placements as part of their degrees, as unions warn failure to provide support will result in greater workforce shortages. Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the federal government...[Read More]

Next generation air, missile shield enters next phase

25 April

The Australian Defence Force is a step closer to getting a next generation air and missile defence system capable of detecting and stopping threats. The Albanese government on Wednesday announced the next phase of the integrated air and missile...[Read More]

How to thrive despite higher inflation

18 April

The cost of living continues to rise, and many are feeling the pinch. However, there are ways to navigate and adapt to this challenging financial landscape.   If you’re looking for practical solutions and workarounds to help you tackle higher...[Read More]

Fortifying the Frontlines: 10 Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses in the Digital Age

18 April

Integrating cybersecurity into the fabric of small business operations requires both strategic planning and practical measures.    Here are the top 10 tips to fortify small businesses against cyber threats, underscoring the necessity for...[Read More]

Jobs market muscle put to test with fresh data due

17 April

Whether or not strength in the labour market has staying power will be the key economic question under review this week. The release of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ March labour force data on Thursday will be watched carefully after a...[Read More]

Coles, Woolworths bosses reveal stance on pricing

17 April

The heads of Coles and Woolworths have been subjected to a parliamentary grilling at a Senate inquiry on Tuesday examining supermarket prices. “It’s very hard to say that we have price gouging.” – Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci “We...[Read More]

Business interruption insurance

11 April

A crucial though sometimes overlooked safeguard, business interruption insurance provides financial protection for companies facing unexpected disruptions.   But who exactly is it for? The short answer: any business that wants to ensure continuity...[Read More]

Unlocking Productivity: Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles and Boosting Self-Motivation

11 April

In our fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves overwhelmed by tasks, deadlines, and personal commitments. This avalanche of responsibilities can often leave us feeling stuck, struggling to tick items off our to-do...[Read More]