Use these 3 tips to maintain a good credit score

16 May

Your credit score is a numerical indicator lenders use to determine how risk-free you are as a borrower. It is based on the details in your credit report, such as your borrowing history and whether you have made timely payments.   People with low...[Read More]

5 Tips for an amazing life after retirement

16 May

Have you ever thought about life after retirement? If you have, you most likely think about the best things in life: a happy family, good health and wealth. The only way to make this dream retirement a reality is to have the right retirement...[Read More]

Renovations to add value when flipping houses

16 May

If you’re investing in real estate for resale, you need to know what types of renovations to prioritise. This can help your property create some buzz in the market, with a price you can easily justify to serious buyers.   Struggling with what...[Read More]

Key strategies for successful commercial real estate investment

9 May

When considering the purchase of commercial property, it’s crucial to take a strategic approach, as the implications of your decisions can significantly affect your financial outcomes.    Here are some key factors to consider:   Top 10 Factors...[Read More]

Price of Aussie farmland set for slower growth

8 May

Australian farmland prices are set to rise again this year, but growth will be slower than in the past three years, according to the yearly snapshot from Rabobank. The agricultural lender forecasts farmland value will increase in the next 12 months...[Read More]

Property Investing: Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate

2 May

In the realm of property investment, prospective investors often grapple with comparing residential vs commercial real estate. Both offer viable investment opportunities, but they also come with their own unique advantages and drawbacks. Hence, the...[Read More]

Home values defy gravity for 15th month

2 May

Australia has clocked its fifteenth month in a row of house price growth despite wobbly economic conditions, with prices gaining a further 0.6 per cent in April. Dwelling values were growing at the same pace in April as in both February and March,...[Read More]

‘Jam packed with love’: the story of the Anzac biscuit

25 April

Young digger Paul Teesdale Smith wrote to his girlfriend from Gallipoli, describing care packages filled with biscuits, peanuts, butterscotch, cigarettes and socks. “It’s wonderful how little things, no matter what they are, break the...[Read More]

Senators want property tax reforms back on the agenda

25 April

Tweaking property investor taxes could save the federal budget billions and boost home ownership, even with exemptions for those operating under the old rules, analysis commissioned by two senators suggests. Independent senators David Pocock and...[Read More]

Housing crisis to ‘get worse before it gets better’

24 April

Australia’s housing crisis is expected to get worse before it gets better and the federal government is facing growing pressure to do more to fix it in the May budget. Deloitte Access Economics partner Stephen Smith said the nation had not been...[Read More]

Maximising space and value: Top 10 home renovation tips

18 April

Renovating your home to increase space and add value requires strategic planning, creativity, and a focus on key areas that potential buyers or valuers find appealing.    Here are the top 10 tips to guide you through this process:   Plan and...[Read More]

How to thrive despite higher inflation

18 April

The cost of living continues to rise, and many are feeling the pinch. However, there are ways to navigate and adapt to this challenging financial landscape.   If you’re looking for practical solutions and workarounds to help you tackle higher...[Read More]

Build-to-rent piece of housing puzzle but no quick fix

18 April

It’s been a tough couple of years to be a renter. As competition for properties has intensified and rents have surged, policymakers have been searching for solutions. While not an answer to the immediate price crunch, the build-to-rent housing...[Read More]

Building costs ease as demand for construction slows

11 April

Builders and tradies have been battling fast-rising prices for materials and labour but data suggests price growth is slowing. The slowdown in new construction, with dwelling approvals trending below average, has helped dampen growth in costs,...[Read More]

Tradie shortage for bid to build 1.2m homes

10 April

Australia is forecast to fall well short of a landmark national goal to build 1.2 million homes in five years. Building and construction industry forecasts released on Tuesday estimated about 1.09 million new homes would be started in five years...[Read More]