Market Update – February 2024 [Video]

5 February

  Happy new year and best wishes for the year ahead. We had some good news on inflation last week with inflation for the 4th Quarter of 2023 coming in lower than expected. The RBA is unlikely to increase rates again in February and we...[Read More]

[VIDEO] Google — 25 Years in Search: The Most Searched

20 December

  This year, we’re celebrating the most searched figures and moments in 25 years of Google Search. From some of the world’s most iconic performances, to history-making breakthroughs, see the moments that have changed the world and inspired the...[Read More]

Market Update – November 2023 [Video]

6 November

  Inflation is proving persistent and bond rates have continued to rise. In Australia, the RBA is expected to raise interest rates on 7 November 2023. The risk of a global recession lingers and the markets are also absorbing...[Read More]

Investing in bonds [Video]

28 September

With the increase in bond rates since mid-2022, bonds are more topical in our discussions with clients. This video provides an explanation of the types of bonds, how their prices change, and the benefits & risks with bond...[Read More]

Market Update – September 2023

4 September

The investment markets have been more favourable for investors so far in 2023. However, further rate rises in Australia are possible and that may lead to an economic recession. We have seen modest positive returns for diversified portfolios...[Read More]

[TED Talk] Simon Sinek Top Leadership & Psychology Skills

2 August

The most inspirational leadership traits as detailed by Simon Sinek. Have you got any others from his portfolio of wisdom? More inspirational leadership insight from Simon Sinek. Do you know any leaders that display these characteristics? Have you...[Read More]

[TED Talk] Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

26 July

Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn’t make sense, but he’s never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through YouTube binges,...[Read More]

[TED Talk]: Warren Buffett Leaves The Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Most Inspiring Speeches Ever

12 July

Warren Buffett shares two stories about women who started from nothing and sold their businesses to the legendary investor. This is one of the greatest speeches Mr. Buffett has ever delivered and he also gives really good advice to all...[Read More]

Market Update – 3 June 2023 [Video]

4 June

The investment markets have been more favourable for investors so far in 2023. We have seen modest positive returns for diversified portfolios over the past 12 months. Returns over the past 10 years have been well above inflation - providing...[Read More]

What Happens to Gas Stations When the World Goes Electric? | Emily Grubert | [TED Talk Video]

31 May

  When the world goes fully electric, what happens to the cars, tools and livelihoods that rely on fossil fuels? Civil engineer and environmental sociologist Emily Grubert visualizes what a clean energy future will look like, outlining the...[Read More]

Market Update – 1 May 2023 [Video]

3 May

  The investment markets have been more favourable for investors so far in 2023. However, inflation is still elevated. More interest rates rises may lie ahead and a global recession remains a risk. This video was recorded on 1 May...[Read More]

How changing your story can change your life | Lori Gottlieb [TED Talk Video]

26 April

  Stories help you make sense of your life — but when these narratives are incomplete or misleading, they can keep you stuck instead of providing clarity. In an actionable talk, psychotherapist and advice columnist Lori Gottlieb shows how to...[Read More]

Australian Shares – Historical Returns [Video]

2 April

  Australian shares have provided attractive long term returns returns for investors. However, the returns over short time periods are unpredictable and can vary significantly. The video provides an analysis of calendar year returns...[Read More]

The Secret to a Happy Life — Lessons from 8 Decades of Research | Robert Waldinger [TED Talk Video]

29 March

    The happiest and healthiest people are those who have warm connections with others, says psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, who leads the Harvard Study of Adult Development — one of the longest-running studies of adult life ever conducted....[Read More]

Market Review for 2022 [Video]

6 February

  The 2022 calendar year proved to be very challenging across most asset classes. However, there have been some encouraging signs in early 2023. A reminder that we always encourage patience with your long term investment strategies...[Read More]